Beeston Hill: Get to know your PCSO – David Lythe

In the third of a series of articles, we introduce you to your local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). They are members of support staff employed, directed and managed by their police force who work to complement and support regular police officers, providing a visible and accessible uniformed presence to improve the quality of life in the community and offer greater public reassurance.

I am PCSO 635 David Lythe, I currently work at Holbeck Police Station and I am part of Holbeck Neighbourhood Police Team. I have worked for West Yorkshire Police for the last seven years, I have patrolled the Beeston Hill area for all of that time.

West Yorkshire Police logoI enjoy working within the Beeston Hill area because of the diverse community it holds. I enjoy engaging with the people from Beeston at local events, meetings and at places of worship. I have felt very welcome when I have visited these places and events. During working here I have made strong community links with a number of different groups, sports clubs and schools.

Whilst fulfilling my role as a Police Community Support Officer I also teach non contact boxing to young people from the local community. This is well attended and enjoyed by the young people and is often used to deter them from loitering around on the streets with nothing to do.

During the last six months I have made contact with the Halo group at the Hamara Centre on Tempest Road. The Halo group is a service for adults with learning difficulties, they provide actives and support. I have attended at the Hamara and provided Crime Prevention Advice, Personal Safety and Hate Crime information to the service users. This has been greatly received by the group and its support workers.