Beeston Hill and Holbeck PFI housing scheme ‘moves step closer’ – council

A persistently delayed housing project in Beeston Hill and Holbeck has moved another step closer to completion after the council was given the go ahead to provide funding for the scheme.

Holbeck Towers, in November 2010, prior to demolition to make way for the PFI regeneration project

The latest decision from HM Treasury will enable the council to
provide funding for the Little London, Beeston Hill, Holbeck and Little London PFI project and move closer to the final sign off of the project.

At a meeting of the council’s executive board on Wednesday the 18 July a decision was made for the council to plug the funding gap left when one of the lenders withdrew their support for the project.

The treasury has now approved this new funding arrangement which will enable the key development to continue. The other lenders for the project have extensive experience of supporting similar projects and still remain committed to providing funding for the development.

Senior councillors claim government red tape and inefficiency had led to delays of over a year on the project.

Check out the full press release from the council, which includes reaction from a senior councillor, by following this link.