Beeston Festival, Cross Flatts Park 2014

When I left my flat for the Festival, thought was in for a rainy day. As it happened was overcast early on but brightened up later.

First thing I noticed was the whole of the road at top end of park (Beeston Road) was coned off, why?

All this meant were people parking outside people’s houses near bye. This road is about 4 car widths so no problem parking there. Many do on a Saturday morning for instance, for Park Run.

Hilary Benn Mp MPs, Councillors and Lord Mayor We were lucky to get them all to visit our tent, and some fantastic photos were taken. Includes Hilary Benn MP.  Lord Mayor, David Congreve. And Councillor Mohammed Iqbal. All very impressed by the blog newspaper and the work of the volunteers. I asked Mohammed if possible to open Pavilion (in cross Flats Park) on a Saturday morning to provide drinks and snack during Park Run. He said would look into it.


South Leeds Life Over the years Jeremy the Editor, trained people up to be volunteers and write blogs for the South Leeds Area on the internet on I’ve done many blogs myself over the last couple of years, after attending a reporter’s course. My area of expertise is Park Galas, and charity blogs such as the Just Giving ones. Copies of the South Leeds Life newspaper (pilot edition) were handed out at the festival. Amazing 400 copies were handed out. Unfortunately due to funding been stopped by Health For All, theMagazine edition of South Leeds Life, had to be stopped about a year ago. Lord Mayer and Lucy Hopefully with a good response from the public, the newspaper edition can be made viable.

SLATE A well known charity shop in Hunslet. Lad on stall was on volunteer photo on front of South Leeds Life Newspaper. We gave him a copy. Taken many articles there myself. Do a fantastic job of training special needs adults, as the well run shop. Mental Health Organisations were there such as Mind. City View Medical Practice giving out advice on healthy eating, such as 5 a day. St George’s Crypt Doing a fantastic job of looking after the homeless in Leeds, run by charity donations. VIPs Co-Operative Funeral Care giving out advice on funeral care plans.   Pyramid of Arts. Great Art where community matters. Beeston Community Forum giving choice to the community. For details go to,

Five Rivers Foster with Us. Recruiting Foster Carers.

Beeston and Holbeck Labour Party Tombola Stall.

On the Stage. Various bands. First on, an american Brass Band. Did not get chance to see other bands, but could be heard all around the park.                American Brass Band

Climbing wall. Where children were hoisted up, to a very high top. They all seem to enjoying the moment.

Rapide Brothers. In clown outfits. Available for Children’s Parties.

South Leeds Media Rebranded recently from, South Leeds Community Radio. Broadcast on the Internet so anywhere in the world. Can be reached on Is a 24hour station giving various views and all types of music.   South Leeds Media Nice to see Badger, Brenno and Gemma at the Tent. Met up with Nicola, Nathan and Phil later having a walk around the Festival.