Beeston bedmaker becomes UK’s largest hemp grower

Fifth-generation family, Beeston-based bedmaker Harrison Spinks has confirmed its expansion into new North Yorkshire farmland to support the business’s growth and sustainability plans, which will increase the company’s hemp production.

The new Ryther-based farmland spans 80 acres and will be used to increase the company’s production of industrial hemp. The increase in hemp production will see the company producing in excess of 1,000 tonnes of hemp straw annually, making Harrison Spinks the largest grower of industrial hemp in the UK.

Hemp fibre, a key component of the company’s mattresses, is one of the strongest natural fibres – it is used in Harrison Spinks’ luxurious fillings and known for its fresh and extremely absorbent properties. Antimicrobial hemp fibre is a superior mattress filling.

Known to have environmental benefits, hemp absorbs more CO2 per hectare in its growth cycle than any other forest or commercial crop.

Richard Essery, Director of Sustainability and Innovation at Harrison Spinks said:

“Acquiring the new farmland will be an incredible asset to the business and will allow us to continue producing luxury mattresses in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

“In addition to furthering our hemp production, we are conducting a biodiversity survey across all our farmland to assess the best environmental use of our land. As our business grows, we look forward to furthering our on-going sustainable efforts.”


This post is based on a press release issued on behalf of Harrison Spinks