Aye Up, author proves a reight Bobby Dazzler at Middleton Primary

Author Richard O’Neill spent time working with Middleton Primary School last month. Headteacher Samantha Williams explained:

“Richard has been working at our school for a number of years now and is a huge fan of ours – and we are of him!

“He came into school this week to deliver sessions to all of our children around oracy and dialect. He asked staff, children and parents for contributions so he could use them this week. Richard always has a project to work on with us and engages the whole community!”

Here are some of the dialect words received from parents:

  • Put wood in t’ole; Were ya born in a barn? (Leaving door open)
  • Yer brew’s mashin’ (Tea)
  • Ee I’ll go to foot of our stairs (surprised by something said)
  • As ‘appy as a pig in muck (pleased)
  • Ee’s a reight Bobby dazzler (like someone)
  • Down snicket; ginnel (alleyway)
  • It’s chuffin’ roasting out (hot outside)
  • Did I eck as like (didn’t do)
  • Ee’s on pot duty (washing up dishes)
  • Ee’s int bog (toilet)
  • Tha makes a betta door than a winda (in the way)
  • Ee bar gum (surprised)
  • Aye up (hello)

Richard commented:

“It was lovely to work at Middleton Primary as always, it gets better every time I visit. I’m always impressed and go away having learned something.

“I always look forward to coming to Middleton, it’s a warm friendly, special place and I know the staff work very hard to make it so.”

One of the Reception staff said:

“Class 2 really enjoyed Richard’s visit this afternoon, I have not seen the children sit for so long this early in the year without being fussy! Each and everyone of them were so engaged! And so were we!”

And one of the class 2 children asked:

“When can that daddy come back he was so funny!”