Artist asks for your thoughts on Beeston

Artist House 45, run by East Street Arts, is a back to back terrace house in Beeston exploring the impact of long term artist residencies.

Silvia Liebig, from Leeds’ twin city Dortmund in Germany, is currently living and working at Artist House 45. Artists are invited to spend time with the house, stay a while, get to know its immediate location and neighbours and make work in response. What they produce might be something subtle, something remote or something unmissable.

Silvia has been in the house since the middle of September, talking to people, taking photos, making drawings, sculptures and installations,now she’s asking you to get involved. Tell Silvia something about Beeston: your favourite place, something you like/don’t like, a question, your personal story, something about the history…

And then on Friday 8 November she is opening the doors for you to see what she has done with the place… Is it going to be an animation? A comic? A travel guide? An experimental projection? A documentary radio play?

Send your contributions to

Don’t miss seeing the results for yourself on the 8th!

Friday 8th November 2019, 6-9pm | 45 Garnet Terrace, Beeston, Leeds, LS11 5JX | Free, everyone welcome