Aire Valley Homes organise house swap event


House exchange event posterAire Valley Homes will be holding a House Exchange event on Monday 15th July at Middleton Community Centre from 3-5pm.

Carla Yeomans from Aire Valley Homes said:

“This is an ideal opportunity for people with spare bedrooms; families who are experiencing overcrowding; or anyone who’s interested in swapping their home to take a look at the houses across south and south-east Leeds that are available for mutual exchange!

“Let’s make some matches and do some home swaps!”

For regular updates and information about this event, including housing associations and other landlords that will be coming along, visit Aire Valley’s Facebook page.

This event is by no means exclusively for tenants living in the Middleton and surrounding areas; the event is open to anyone interested in mutual exchanges across the whole of Aire Valley Homes’ area.