SLATE’s understanding customers as metal thieves strike

slate Van front of shop 2
SLATE - The feel good furniture shop in Hunslet has been targeted by thieves

What wonderful customers we have! writes Frances Jones.

Tuesday was a terrible day at SLATE, The Feel Good Furniture Shop in Hunslet.  Metal thieves had been under our van and nicked the catalytic converter, at some risk to themselves.  So our van was off the road and we had to ring round all our donors and customers and tell them we couldn’t do collections and deliveries that day. They were so understanding, even though they were being inconvenienced.

Then we had to contact police and insurance and organise repair and a replacement van.  All hassle and cost.

Lynda Spink, who lives in Middleton, said:

“I was in charge of the shop that day and it happened to be my 60th birthday – I shall never forget it!  We could have done without the upset and extra work.  But thank you to all our lovely customers and supporters for being so patient: you saved the day.”

SLATE is a social enterprise which relies on contributions of good quality pre-loved furniture from local people.  We provide work opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

Look out for our van back on the road next week, out and about in the community!

In the meantime, visit