Better care and support needed for bereaved parents

There are calls for more bereavement midwives to be employed in hospitals to improve care being given to parents and families after a miscarriage or the death of a baby.

Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation  has figures that show just three hospital trusts in the region employ the equivalent to a full time bereavement midwife. The rest employ someone in the role on part-time hours. One charity trying to improve care and support given to parents following a miscarriage or the death of a baby, is Charlie’s Angels Centre in Leeds. Founded by Carrie Curtis and her family, following the death of her son Charlie, it offers free bereavement counselling, home visits and much more and over the last year has supported over 30,000 people.

Carrie said: “I lost my son and once we came out of hospital there was no support and we had to fight to get the support we needed. We found out a lot of other families have gone through the same thing.”

The charity has done its own research into bereavement care at hospitals. They surveyed 3,500 people across the country. 45% described the care they received as ‘bad.’

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Carrie said: “We’ve campaigned so much and we have gone to so many meetings to get things to improve. I know it takes time and it can take years, but people are still going through things like this. It’s ridiculous really.”

The charity campaigned to get a specialist bereavement midwife in post in Leeds.

They are now asking people to sign a petition calling for a co-ordinated package of aftercare for all families fowling the loss of a baby or child.