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New centre encourages pupils Into University

A new education centre, which is helping to raise aspirations amongst South Leeds children, held its official opening on Wednesday 27 April 2016. The Into University centre runs after school sessions where children can complete their homework, or work on an exercise provided by the teaching staff. This term’s theme

Spring into Summer with short courses at the University

We are busy organising our fifth year of Spring into Summer short courses and events. Starting the week beginning Monday 8 June, our 2015 programme includes a range of events and learning-for-pleasure courses and workshops in creative writing, culture, current affairs, languages, literature and religion. In conjunction with departments around

Jobs and training open day for housing association tenants

Leeds Federated Housing Association has been in touch with details of an Open Day on Thursday: An event where people can find out about local opportunities in training, employment and other support will take place this week. The Employment and Training Open Day is being held at Leeds Federated Housing

South of the River – Education for education’s sake

What have crystallography and a community reporters course got in common, apart from taking place in Leeds? Let me explain. The science of crystallography uses x-rays to look at the structure of materials, how the atoms link together. It was first used with crystals but now can look at any

Hunslet and Holbeck heritage explored at meeting

The next meeting of the Hunslet & Holbeck Heritage Project will take place today at Hunslet Baptist Church (1pm – 3pm). The project, which is being run by the University of Leeds, is looking to secure funding for a major project to explore the history and heritage of Hunslet. More details

Holbeck and Hunslet businesses invited to heritage project and networking event

Assif Majid from the Yorkshire Business Network has emailed with the following information: If you are a business based in the Holbeck or Hunslet area of Leeds I would recommed getting in touch with the University of Leeds. They are in the process of organising a heritage project [for the area] and