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Council plans to stop pollution from Cottingley Crematorium

  Emissions of Mercury could be cut from Cottingley Crematorium with the installation of new cremators (the units where cremations take place). Cremators in crematoria up and down the country are independently tested for emissions each year. These tests check the level of mercury pollution caused when old, amalgam tooth

Belle Isle and Middleton Neighbourhood Framework

  The Belle Isle and Middleton Neighbourhood Framework is being presented to the Council’s Executive Board for approval tomorrow afternoon. The Neighbourhood Framework will help promote development opportunities to developers, guide development schemes, inform the determination of planning applications and identify wider improvements to ensure that new development is sustainable

South Leeds Sports Centre to be demolished?

  At its meeting on Wednesday (17th July 2013) the Council’s Executive Board is considering a recommendation to demolish South Leeds Sport Centre as part of a report on the Council’s Derelict and Nuisance Property Programme. The report notes that the option to transfer the Centre to a local community

Council budget discussions include allotment charges and golf course future

On Friday the Council’s Executive Board meets to consider the Council’s budget for the coming year. Buried in the detail are clues about what will happen to allotment charges and the future of golf courses and bowling greens. The budget report includes comments from the Council’s Scrutiny Boards that in

South Leeds Sports Centre: Primary school plans move forward

Plans to build a new primary school on land occupied by the increasingly derelict South Leeds Sports Centre are moving a step closer to reality with the council set to choose the consortium to run it. Senior councillors will meet next week to discuss proposals to open a 420-place primary school – and a