Run, walk or cycle with the South Leeds Lakers

Great news for the pavement pounders of south Leeds; South Leeds Lakers are still going strong and are bursting with energy for their new changes and opportunities after the lockdowns of the last year restricted their activities.

During lockdown South Leeds Lakers stepped up to the challenges that faced all community groups and helped keep people active and connected even when exercise had to be taken alone or in smaller groups with creative activities like take a picture of an animal on your run and facilitating smaller groups of runners.

Going forward runners can look forward to using the newly opened Beeston Village Community Centre pre and post runs so participants will have a safe place to keep their belongings, use the toilet, and socialise with other runners afterwards with a cuppa and a bun. Come autumn they will have a couple of fully trained Running Fitness Coaches too who will be able to offer free sessions for those who want to get more from their running.

For those who would like something to train for the Lakers Running Group are involved with organising the December 2021 Bah Humbug 10k Christmas race in Middleton Woods and the Winter League Trail Race also in Middleton Woods in January 2022.

They are using the ‘Run Together’ app now which is ready to download if you would like to book your place.
The Junior Section of South Leeds Lakers is up and running again with groups of limited numbers at Cockburn School supporting children and young people ages 8–14 for activities combining running, jumping and throwing. Visit the Facebook page to book a place.

The walking group (which was formally approved along with the cycling group at the recent South Leeds Lakers AGM) also has exciting plans for summer and autumn 2021.

They have three trained walk leaders and are waiting to train more through the council as well as seeking more so if you would like to get involved, please message them on the Facebook page. They will be meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings and are planning daytime weekend walks too.

Both Ian Pickles from the Running Group and Linda Featherstone from the Walking Group emphasised that whatever happens with Coronavirus restrictions the Lakers will be there to support the community to get out for free in the fresh air and enjoy some movement and exercise and more details will follow in future editions.

Claire Harrison adds:

South Leeds Lakers was established in 2015 as a running club and has gone from strength to strength with around 80 people running regularly. We are now pleased and excited to be able to offer a Cycling section to the people of South Leeds.

We currently have three recently qualified British Cycling Level One Ride Leaders who have been preparing to lead small groups of riders on short to intermediate rides. Our rides will generally set off from Cross Flatts Park in Beeston on a Saturday morning to begin with, but we hope to offer regular evening rides throughout the Summer too. We hope our inaugural ride will take place in June 2021, but please follow our Facebook page for regular updates and information or email us at for further details. We look forward to welcoming you to the Laker family!


For more information keep in touch via the Facebook groups:

South Leeds Lakers Walk to Fitness | Facebook for walking

South Leeds Lakers Running Club | Facebook for running

To book your place for a run use the Run Together app

South Leeds Lakers Juniors | Facebook for the Juniors section

South Leeds Lakers Cycling Club | Facebook for the Cycling section


This post was written by Becky Townesend


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