I didn’t expect this …


Community Reporters Summer 13Right, so I started the Community Reporters course today … Which is great, right?

No, it definitely is! The first session (which is happening right now) is … interesting!

I woke up to an email from my oh so lovely manager and attached to it was the info for this course and that’s how I heard about it!

I do a little bit of blogging for a fashion project that I’m part of that my manager runs, so that’s how I initially got involved in blogging and why she recommended this course to me (she just loves reading my blog posts too).

I’m all about taking opportunities these days so I jumped at the chance to be a part of it!

I look forward to learning more about blogging as it has become something I’m really passionate about (I bet you can feel the passion while reading this, can’t you?)

I really, really enjoy writing down my crazy, random thoughts so I’ve just started up my own personal blog too!

There’s a group of us writing a post right now, like right this very second, and it was sprung on us! I don’t think anyone expected it, I know I certainly didn’t so I’m just rambling on and writing down whatever comes to mind, can you tell?


This article was written by Gemma Garbutt using our Community Reporters website

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  1. Yes we can Gemma. lol.
    Just finished last course. You will lurn a lot. Have fun.

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