Hunslet Hawks team of ’99 reunites

Saturday 4 July 2015 saw the gathering of the greatest side never to play Super League, along with other players that have worn the famous Myrtle, White and Flame jersey.

The venue was the New Inn, Elland Road, Churwell, which was recently taken over by Hunslet Legend Stephen Stevo Price. That greatest team was the one that in 1999 won the prize of promotion to Super League defeating Dewsbury Rams in the Northern Ford Premiership, only to be denied by The Independent Franchise Panel, a group of four or five unnamed people charged with vetting Super League applications on grounds that Hunslet failed to meet the criteria, including the suitability of the ground, despite the fact that clubs already in super league fell short on a number of points.

Proposals by Hunslet to play the bigger games at other venues, even Scunthorpe, were brushed aside. The consequence of this was Hunslet had to release many of the players who had, in terms of the action on the pitch, earned a place in the top flight.

Joining the ex players yesterday were fans and officials of the club who were also treated to Stephen, aka Stevie Vegas, singing on the karaoke along with ex players. Phil Hodgson was also there to hand out the “Fly with the Hawks” running vests to ex-players David Brook, Richard Baker and Michael Coyle for this coming Sunday’s Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k. There were some places available, so Peter Jarvis and Big Alan Stephenson volunteered and Stephen was also persuaded to join the team which has no other than elite athlete Nell McAndrew proudly running.


This post was written by Keith Hitchiner using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.