Gather acorns for a million more trees in Leeds

The nursery rhyme suggested we gather nuts in May, but Leeds Parks are asking us to collect them through October and November.

Here’s an opportunity for a great family activity taking in nature, local green spaces and exercise. At the same time, you can help Leeds achieve its aim of planning 1 million trees across the city.

Leeds Parks & Countryside service are asking residents to gather acorns, beech nuts, sweet chestnuts and horse chestnuts (conkers) over the coming months and take them to a collection point. The seeds will then be taken to Leeds Parks base at The Arium and planted up and nurtured until they are ready to be planted out.

Our local collection points are the visitor centre at Middleton Park and Skelton Grange Environment Centre in Stourton.

The Leeds Needs Trees! programme will see an additional 1,250 hectares of woodland created in the city over the next 25 years.

Trees benefit the environment in many ways including

  • Absorbing Carbon Dioxide and releasing Oxygen
  • Tree roots absorb water helping to prevent flooding
  • Providing wildlife habitats for birds and insects

You can download an information pack about the woodland creation programme here.


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  1. Who will maintain the trees as we have a willow tree near our house in middleton that belongs to the council which we have been trying to get trimmed for over ten years. Touches private houses and covers road safety sign. Have contacted council many many times and local councillors & although it states on website if a tree touches buildings or covers highway signs will be dealt with we have been trying for 10years!! So my concern is if we all do this who will be looking after these trees in the future?

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