Free sports activities launch in Hunslet and Belle Isle

As the days become longer and temperatures increase there is no better time to get outdoors and be active …

The Hunslet Initiative is launching two free weekly sports sessions for local children and teenagers next week (26 April 2022).

The activities will give young people of all ages, abilities and experiences a chance to take part in fun sports activities in the heart of their community. We are using public spaces within walking distance of local homes making them accessible as possible.

There is no cost to take part. Please drop in any time and give it a go!

Activities will take place on a Tuesday evening across two locations:

3:30-4:30pm Grove Road Field, Hunslet (opposite the Penny Hill Centre on the field where Hunslet Gala is hosted).

5-6pm West Grange Courts, Belle Isle (between the corner of West Grange Road-Winrose Crescent and Jenkinson Place).

These activities will give youngsters a chance to get active, make new friends, improve their mental health and hopefully inspire ongoing sporting participants!

We will provide a wide range of sports, encouraging participants to develop their skills in sports they know but also experiment with trying new sports. Sports available throughout the summer will include football, rugby, basketball, netball, cricket, rounders, volleyball, tennis, badminton, skipping and athletics.

Who knows, perhaps we will discover a future sporting champion?

This project is made possible by the support of both Pears Youth Trust and Flint Family Fund managed by Leeds Community Foundation. We are grateful for the generousity of both funders and the ongoing supppot of Leeds Community Foundation.

The Hunslet Initiative has over 15 years experience delivering a range of activities and events for children and young people across Hunslet and Belle Isle and are excited for this new project.

To find out more about this project or the ongoing work of the Hunslet Initative please contact Ben Hutchinson on 07419 366 058 or visit our Facebook page