Fencing promises new security for St Peter’s residents

Last month (September 2019) saw the installation of new perimeter fencing at the St Peter’s Court sheltered accommodation in Beeston, and residents are delighted by the prospect of greater security for their development.

Residents and staff at the accommodation – at the northern end of Dewsbury Road, overlooking Hunslet Moor at the back – have in the past year been plagued by trespassing from the adjacent moor, over the wall into their shared garden. This has resulted in intimidation of residents, drug-taking onsite, theft of garden furniture, and other anti-social behaviour.

Sue Hewitt, centre manager, commented:

“The residents here have felt increasingly unsafe, with issues stemming from people coming over the wall from the park. We explored various options, and are really grateful for the 50% match funding from the Council’s Inner South Community Committee to cover the 50m of fencing. We then got the fence up within days, and we all feel a lot more secure now.”

Cllr Paul Wray added:

“As local councillors, the safety of our constituents is a top priority. Sue kindly advised me of the problems, and what she thought was needed to help. Cllrs Iqbal and Nash agreed we should support residents by match-funding the building of an extended boundary fence. We are pleased to hear the fence has greatly improved the situation for residents.”

St Peter’s Court is situated on the site of the former St Peter’s Church, and is owned and run by the regional Alpha Homes housing association. Those interested in helping to support the improvement of the neighbourhood and moor there should check out the locally-led Friends of Hunslet Moor. To find out more about the Council’s Inner South Community Committee, and how to apply for funding from them for local projects across LS10 and LS11, click here.


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