Middleton Park ward


Electorate: 19,448    Turnout: 22.4%    Spoilt papers: 17

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Agbemafle Eunice Delali 212 Green Party
Dixon Wayne Alan 1027 Social Democratic Party
Findlay Hugh William 259 The Conservative Party Candidate
Jacques Robert Hugh 137 Liberal Democrats
Lockwood Will 831 UKIP
Truswell Paul Anthony 1879 ELECTED Labour Party


Here is the list of candidates standing in Middleton Park Ward in the 2019 local elections.

Each candidate has been offered the opportunity to supply further details of their candidacy and we will add this information to this page as we receive it.


Eunice Delali AGBEMAFLE

Green Party

(Address in Leeds)*


Wayne Alan DIXON

Social Democratic Party

(Address in Leeds)*


I’m standing for election because I want the best for my family and my community and I am tired of seeing the old political parties promise the moon at election time and then do nothing afterwards.

The SDP believes councillors should represent the people of their ward and their interests. I will represent you, not big business, unions or pressure groups.

I live locally, I work locally, I know the problems our community faces and that one of them is antisocial behaviour. As a former youth worker I know that we need more resources to stop local young people drifting into petty crime.

We need to reopen community buildings and employ an enforcement officer to deal with issues ranging from school parking to dog fouling. We also need more police on the streets. Currently this country spends more on foreign aid than on the police. That needs to change now.

The two major parties have had a monopoly of power for almost a century. Their time is over.  Now there’s a real choice. I’m not interested in being an MP or a career politician. I will only take my orders from you. Help me help our community and our city.



Hugh William FINDLAY

The Conservative Party Candidate

Flat 6, 1 Alexander Street, Leeds, LS1 3AF


Robert Hugh JACQUES

Liberal Democrats

34 Station Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5NR




174 Throstle Road, Leeds, LS10 4HH


This is the first time I have put myself forward as a candidate in the local elections and I am delighted to be fighting for a seat in the Middleton Park ward.

As a local resident I live and breath the issues we all face daily. These issues are often ignored by the main steam party councillors with many of who live a great distance from the ward.

I am a Royal Navy (Submariner) veteran who has served he’s country and now wants to serve you, the locals of this fantastic ward. I believe UKIP are the party choice for working class people not only in these local elections but national too. I have never been a councillor or politician but I do listen and I will help deliver what the people of Middleton Park want.


Paul Anthony TRUSWELL

Labour Party

24 Dalesway, Leeds, LS20 8JN


I’m totally dedicated to fighting for the people of Middleton and Belle Isle.  

My motivation comes from my upbringing in a low-income family on a Council estate. Like most people then and now, we relied heavily on public services. The NHS saved my life.

It’s why I’ve devoted my life to crusading for the local services that shape our lives, especially schools, housing, our NHS and social care, police, environment and transport.

It’s a massive challenge. The Tories have cut £1.5 BILLION from Leeds Council services since 2010. We’re paying more taxes for fewer services.  We’ve lost 1,200 police officers. Our NHS is at breaking point.

Despite these savage cuts, my colleagues and I have worked with residents on achievements such as:

  • dedicated street cleaning teams
  • Council-funded PCSOs
  • over 200 affordable new homes
  • extra funding for older people’s services
  • increased activities for young people
  • award-winning improvements to Middleton Park (with a major playground upgrade soon)
  • extensive upgrade of the Leisure Centre and pitches
  • refurbishment of Middleton Community Centre and Manorfield Hall
  • Cranmore and Raylands Community Centre re-opening soon
  • enhancements to St George’s Centre
  • the Urban Bike Park

…and much more

Please support me to continue serving this great community.



*In England,if a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the relevant electoral area in which their home address is situated (or country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided.