Hunslet & Riverside ward


Electorate: 16,246    Turnout: 25.6%    Spoilt papers: 48

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Carlisle Ed 1766 Green Party
Turner-Chastney Benedict Luke 149 Liberal Democrats
Wray Paul Ian 2012 ELECTED Labour Party
Young Jordan Luke 192 The Conservative Party Candidate


Here is the list of candidates standing in Hunslet & Riverside Ward in the 2019 local elections.

Each candidate has been offered the opportunity to supply further details of their candidacy and we will add this information to this page as we receive it.



Green Party

20 Harlech Avenue, Leeds, LS11 7DT


I’ve lived, worked and volunteered across this area for 16+ years. I’ve co-led or supported dozens of projects, including the Clean Air campaign, Beeston Festival, Holbeck Viaduct, Leeds Repair Cafe, Hunslet Gala, Waterfront Festival, South Leeds Life, schools and youth work, sports and leisure events, and more.

And I’m active locally year-round, working with other residents and the authorities to tackle issues together: bins, housing, crime, waste, paths and roads, and more. (Full details in our giant Community Manifesto.) At the heart of this is working with local people, building innovative and resident-led solutions to the challenges we face.

With incredible support from a wide range of great local people, I’ve stood in elections for this area since 2015. I’ve come a strong second and got ever closer, each time: we’re the only credible alternative here to tired old Labour.

At a time when the big parties are in such a mess – locally and nationally – no wonder people are looking for alternatives. This election presents a great opportunity for us to start afresh, elect local people to be a strong independent voice for our communities, and turn our neighbourhoods and city around for good.,,, 07738 921277‬



Liberal Democrats

20 Alnwick View, Leeds, LS16 5RP


Paul Ian WRAY

Apartment 50 Crozier House, The Boulevard, Leeds, LS10 1LQ

Labour Party


It has been an honour to be the Councillor for the communities I live in for the last year. You set me the task of taking on the long-term issues of the ward and to make a difference. In that time, I have:

  • invested in Trentham Park and agreed funding to upgrade Brickfields, Rowland Road, Pepper Road and Hunslet Lake Parks, and to upgrade the green opposite Middleton Railway, Church Street, and Hunslet Moor
  • invested in anti-dog fouling signs, litter bins and new community noticeboards (to be installed in the next month)
  • started to tackle missed bin collections, with new enforcement measures due this year, and I’ve had road cleaning done more often in some areas
  • been to almost every resident’s association meeting, and launched Hunslet Moor Forum, with plans to launch a Hunslet Green and Riverside Forum this year
  • launched four new monthly Councillor surgeries
  • attended 200+ public events
  • managed 500+ matters of resident’s casework

and much more. I’ve dedicated all I am to the task you gave me, and this is only a small sample of the work I’ve started. I’m asking you to re-elect me to keep working for you and all the communities of this ward.


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Telephone: 07528 512649

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Jordan Luke YOUNG

(Address in Leeds)*

The Conservative Party Candidate


*In England,if a candidate has requested not to make their home address public, the relevant electoral area in which their home address is situated (or country if their address is outside the UK) will be provided.