Beeston & Holbeck ward


Electorate: 17,049    Turnout: 25.2%    Spoilt papers: 17

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Gaines Jarrod Antony 187 Liberal Democrats
Hall Alaric Timothy Peter 302 Green Party
Palfreman Bill 349 UKIP
Scopes Andrew Timothy 2033 ELECTED Labour Party
Walton Laura Elizabeth 1079 Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents
Winfield Robert James William 326 The Conservative Party Candidate


Here is the list of candidates standing in Beeston & Holbeck Ward in the 2019 local elections.

Each candidate has been offered the opportunity to supply further details of their candidacy and we will add this information to this page as we receive it.


Jarrod Anthony GAINES

Liberal Democrats

12 Cross Flatts Mount, Leeds, LS11 7BL


Community is very important to me. I believe wholeheartedly that the more we work together, the more we can achieve. I believe in job creation and sustainable income generation. I believe in a local public service that meets the needs of people. I believe in a sustainable green policy agenda. I believe in sharing the economic growth of Leeds with all the people of Leeds.

Local elections are about people not party and this is your chance to send in me, someone to Leeds Town Hall who will be relentless in their pursuit of policies that meet the needs of the people of Beeston and Holbeck.

Liberal democrats in Leeds are a grouping of experienced private and public sector individuals putting together realistic, costed proposals that are voted down by Labour councillors and against the interest of local people. Elect me and I will add another voice of realism to local politics in Leeds.

Take this opportunity, seek change. We must re-invigorate our local politics with people who are in touch with what we need now and for the future.


Alaric Timothy Peter HALL

Green Party

514 Greenhouse, BeestonRoad, Leeds, LS11 6AP


The Green Party can offer a badly needed critical voice in Beeston and Holbeck, and bring new ideas to the table. Yet we also understand how to work collaboratively, helping our community come together for the common good.

On-street sex-work is a pressing problem in Holbeck and North Beeston. The so-called ‘managed zone’ has shown clearly how the Council needs to work with the community rather than bypassing us or ignoring us. If elected, we’d step up our current work seeking better solutions from within the community.

Our ward has some of the UK’s worst air pollution. This has hit illegal levels under a Labour council fixated on accommodating commuters’ cars rather than providing good alternatives—but the Council has excluded us from the new Clean Air Zone. Leeds Greens are central to the Clean Air South Leeds campaign, fighting for our community’s health.

I’ve been an active community member ever since moving here in 2011. For example, I’m part of the St Luke’s Tenants and Residents Association, helping organise community gardening, kids’ fundays, and litterpicks. As a councillor, I’d take this work to the next level, providing a strong, independent voice for Beeston and Holbeck.




57 Recreation Terrace, Leeds, LS11 0AW



Andrew Timothy SCOPES

Labour Party

2 Redhall Close, Beeston, Leeds, LS11 8DX


I live in Beeston and love the friendliness and energy of our community. I was elected to represent our ward last year, which has been a privilege.

I’ve lived in Leeds since 2006 and I’m now firmly rooted here with my family. We’ve experienced the benefits of Leeds – jobs, great parks, schools, museums and sports facilities – and I want to fight for constant investment in these facilities in our area.

One area I’ve focused on is our young people; hosting a summit to hear what they feel they need, arranging for new play facilities and starting planning for a local youth group.

I’ve also been able to help many individuals and groups to ‘get things done’ – street signs, bin collections, council house repairs and more – the things that make a big difference to everyday life.

I have a strong track record in of working hard for our community

I’m the Chair of Governors at Beeston Primary, our Ofsted report said the Governors “are uncompromising in their pursuit of excellence.” and a Trustee of Mosaic Church.

There is so much good stuff happening in South Leeds, and I am excited about what we can continue to achieve together.


Laura Elizabeth WALTON

Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents

113 Ingram Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 9RH



Robert James William WINFIELD

Conservative Party Candidate

7 Allenby Gardens, Beeston, Leeds, LS11 5RW


I am a lifelong resident of Beeston with vast experience of taking up large and small local issues with Leeds City Council and other authorities . If elected on 2 May, I will, as a matter of priority seek an end to the Holbeck Managed Prostitution Zone, which was imposed on Holbeck residents by elites who do not have to live there. Holbeck residents should not have to tolerate the problems which this failed approach has caused.

Conservatives recently drew up an alternative plan for Leeds involving extra support for schools and early years, helping young families to own their own home, investing in high streets to deliver jobs and growth, and protecting the environment and investing for the future. Sadly, Labour used its majority on Leeds City Council to vote these proposals down. Conservatives would scrap Labour’s charges for bulky refuse collection, which have led to an increase in flytipping. Conservatives will always seek to get the best value for money from your council tax.

If you agree with this approach , please vote for me on 2nd May . Please feel free to contact me by e mail at or twitter @RobertWinfield2