Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II – your chance to take part

Over the last few weeks so much has been shared across the media and through conversations with our family, friends and neighbours about the life and reign of the Queen. As you will likely have heard she promised to give her life in service of the country and over the last 70 she well and truly lived up to that promise.

The length of her service means she has been the monarch for people of all ages and a constant presence to people across our nation. Some people were lucky enough to meet her in person, others may have seen her at an event but we will have all seen her on TV. The Queen weaved herself in to her lives in other ways to through bank notes, coins and postage stamps.

We are inviting people of every generation to take a moment to reflect on the life of our Queen and share an image of celebration. These images will be brought together will others from our local community and displayed as a collage locally.

On an A4 sheet produce either a coin or a postage stamp that celebrates her life. (Templates available on request). Be creative. Ideas could include…

  • A portrait of the Queen, King Charles (or yourself!)
  • A picture of a memory you have of the Queen.
  • A Union Jack, Crown or Buckingham Palace/Windsor Castle/Balmoral.
  • Dates of her life or reign as Queen (1926/1952-2022).
  • Words that describe how you saw the Queen or what you liked about her.
  • A poem or prayer.
  • Rewrite a famous quote from or about the Queen
  • A picture of a Corgi or horse.

All images will be put together as part of a community collage & displayed locally.

Once you have completed your image please return to us

– Post or hand deliver to Hunslet Initiative c/o Involve Centre, Whitfield Avenue, Hunslet, LS10 2QE
– Whatsapp to 07419 366 058
– Or email ben.hutchinson@hotmail.co.uk

The deadline for submissions is Monday 10 October 2022. The final artwork will be released and displayed by Monday 24 October. Watch out on South Leeds Life and our Facebook page for more details.

If you or people you know would like to take part in this activity but do not have access to paper, pencils, colouring pens etc please contact us and these can be provided.

This project is made possible through funding from Haribo Happiness Fund managed by Leeds Community Foundation.

The Hunslet Initiative is a small community project with 15 years experience working with children, teens and the wider community in Hunslet and Belle Isle. Our current activities include:

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This post was written by The Hunslet Initiative