Author: Lucy Potter

I have lived in Leeds for the past 15 years and Beeston for the last ten years. I am a mum of two children and passionate about my community. I have worked as a family support worker in Holbeck and Beeston and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2014 to research family support in the states and Brazil. Since returning I have been actively involved in the community volunteering and now work as a trainer at St. Luke's CARES charity and have founded the first Baby Week in Leeds (2016 & 17) implemented from Semana do Bebe in Brazil (UNICEF 2010)

St. Luke’s CARES Free Retail Courses

St. Luke’s CARES charity shop are due to start running their free neighbourhood retail skills courses from September 2016. This follows on from the previous TRY! Retail training course which ran for 5 weeks and only offered participants a ‘certificate of attendance’. After the success of the previous course, St. Luke’s applied and was awarded the Big

Halifax funds minibus St Luke’s Cares and partners

The Halifax Community Fund have provided funding for St Luke’s Cares to purchase a 15-seater minibus to support their work, and the work of their partners, in the local community. In addition to providing much needed transport for the young people with whom St. Luke’s Cares work with each week,

Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan consultation underway

Volunteers from the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum have begun their formal 6 week consultation on the pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Plan. You may have already seen the HUB van (usually seen around the Recreations promoting local services to the heart of the community) and bright banners promoting the plan and encouraging the public

Organise your own safe Play Street

On Saturday 19 March 2016 Leeds Play Network in Hunslet hosted a workshop on how to organise your own on street play session. Co-founder and director of ‘Playing Out‘ Alice Ferguson had travelled up from Bristol were the temporary road closures first begun in 2009. Alice explained how she and

Charity Shop welcomes new Health Point Stand

St. Luke’s CARES has just introduced a new ‘Health Point’ Information Stand in their Dewsbury Road charity shop in Beeston. Along with browsing the quality second hand items at affordable prices St Luke’s CARES have teamed up with Joanne Davies, Health Improvement Principal from NHS public health, to raise health

International kickboxing stage welcomes Leyton to Japan

Middleton boy Leyton Tate is set to embark on an international kickboxing experience of a lifetime. Leyton who is only seven years old and attends Windmill Primary School in Belle Isle has been invited by the Japanese government to compete in the prestigious tournament in Niigata North Kyushu in July

All welcome at the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum

New flats on the Spotted Cow site, private landlords and the managed sex work area will all be on the agenda at Saturday’s Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum. The Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum, welcomes the public to their meeting this Saturday 30 January 2016 at The Holbeck on Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck, LS11 9QX.