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BITMOs GATE volunteers’ Christmas lunch

Belle Isle TMO

BITMOs GATE volunteers and staff

I went along to the Annual BITMOs GATE volunteers’ Christmas Lunch last Tuesday (12 December 2017), when about 10 of us including BITMO staff Carla, Lynne and Donna plus volunteers Philip, Jimmy, Dave, Steph, Jonathon, John, and myself where we enjoyed a carvery and a sweet.

Unfortunately Gerry and Julie could not make it, but are very busy volunteers. Gerry with the Breakfast Club and Julie with the Ancestry group and Belle Isle In Bloom amongst other things Julie gets involved with.

We all got a present and Christmas card to go home with.

Taxis arrived to take us all back to the GATE, full to the brim. Had a coffee, before making our way home, with me thinking I won’t be eating much again today. Thank you BITMO.

Carla says:
“Each month the GATE offers over 30 sessions that are led by amazing people who volunteer their time to help and support others… these include art classes, guitar lessons, craft classes, breakfast and lunch clubs, computer classes and a walking group!

“Here are some of our volunteers enjoying a ‘thank you’ Christmas dinner yesterday (not everyone could make it unfortunately)…

“We’re so grateful to everyone who supports us and lends a hand, and to all our volunteers who are so dedicated to helping other people.

“If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities at BITMO or in the GATE, email us at and speak to the Community and Tenant Support Team.”

BITMOs GATE community resource centre is located at Aberfield Gate, off Belle Isle Road, LS10 3QH. For more information call (0113) 378 2190 or email




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